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The One Thing Holding You Back: Unleashing the Power of Emotional Connection Weekend of May 4-6, 2018

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Do you have an unrealized dream? Are you still waiting to tap your full potential?
“Almost always, what prevents us from manifesting our greatest life vision is a reservoir of unfelt emotion," writes Raphael Cushnir. "Resisting this emotion is what sabotages prayer, affirmations, or any other personal-growth technique. Finding and feeling this emotion is what infuses our mission with Spirit and makes us truly unstoppable. It’s simple, but most of us never learn precisely how — not at home, school, or even in therapy."
Raphael has pioneered a method of emotional connection that virtually anybody can master, and that can be learned in just one weekend. It is grounded in both contemporary neuroscience and the great wisdom traditions. He has shared it with immediate and lasting results all around the world. You can use this emotional connection to overcome lifelong struggles with career, family, relationships, weight, self-esteem, and addiction. This workshop is designed to help you fall in love with every moment of your life. It can lead to the kind of personal accomplishment you've longed for, and also help you serve the world.


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