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Grail, Goddesses, Circles and the Sacred Feminine Weekend of May 18-20, 2018

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The grail and goddesses are archetypes: symbols with depth and meaning. In this workshop, Jean Shinoda Bolen will bring you into the legendary, mythic, and spiritual realm of the sacred feminine. Cut off from sources of meaning, without a connection to the feminine principle, the Tao or the Self, the inner landscape of men and women, becomes a wasteland. The wounded Fisher King and the abduction of Persephone can be metaphors for depression, alienation, life-threatening illness, and addictions on a personal level that are related to the loss of creativity, spontaneity, and love. These are also metaphors for what ails the planet. The group will listen to Jean tell stories and participate in guided meditation and circles with a sacred center. This workshop provides opportunities to be in touch with inner sources of wisdom and compassion, encourages creating circles, and inspires possibilities of change and transformation.


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