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X – The Exponential Humanity Series: Culture Creation Weekend of May 17-19, 2019

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Digital Raign’s X series is inspired by Esalen's history of pioneering vital conversations ahead of adoption by mainstream culture. In today's world of exponential technology, the X Series explores topics including how to influence tech's trajectory toward the betterment of life, and ways we can re-invent our social systems as new realities continuously appear.

Digital Raign’s Impact and Immersive Artists think tank includes both experiential and conversational sessions with a focus on actionable outcomes. We will explore how new forms of art can be mixed with social impact to address both social consciousness and real-world change. Social critique has always been a part of art, from 1960s protest music to Banksy and Burning Man, and artistic visionaries have been on the forefront of social movements. We will dive deep into emergent art forms and movements, asking if the digital domain will remain dominant and how to infuse it with the ethos of social impact as it finds its foundation and evolves. This is an invitation to artists, the entertainment/experience design industries, and the social impact sector to convene, ideate, and co-create positive strategies focused on engaging audiences in new ways to build a better future together.

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