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Activist and author Nina Simons teaches on Leading from the Heart beginning March 4.


Arrive Already Loved: Creating Sacred Attachment with Yourself in the Here and Now Weekend of March 9-11, 2018

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"Many people ask me how to have a fair shot at developing a healthy relationship with another human being," writes Mariah Fenton Gladis. "I advise them to arrive already loved. What does that mean? It means the essential foundation of being loved is to first love yourself. That doesn’t mean a narcissistic pride, preoccupation with self, or conceit. It does mean that the inner life taking place in your body is a comfortable, loving, compassionate, and enjoyable place to be. It is a home to which you can always turn to receive your own solace, support, and unconditional acceptance. This prepares your internal environment to accept love from the outside, and prepares you to arrive anywhere already loved. Remember, when it comes to needing love, you cannot expect more from someone else than you are able to give to yourself."
Join Mariah as she blends her unique style of individual and group Gestalt work with her effective and innovative use of music to enrich the workshop experience. This workshop helps you:
• Realize that what’s inside is outside; you can attract what you are
• Understand thinking as a personal conversation with yourself
• Develop an active and rich inner dialogue
• Create an abundance of emotional resources
• Turn your meditations away from detachment and separation, and toward intimate meditation, by exercising Sacred Attachment
A survivor of Lou Gehrig’s Disease, Mariah speaks with what she calls her "ALS accent," which will be translated.
Recommended Reading: Gladis, Tales of a Wounded Healer.


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