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Mind, Brain, Consciousness: Toward a Revolution in Mind Science Weekend of March 8-10, 2019

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Perhaps the greatest unanswered question in science is how consciousness and mind are related to the brain and body. Or more broadly, how do we as conscious beings relate to the rest of what we call physical reality?
How we approach this question impacts every aspect of our behavior as humans. How can contemporary science further its empirical exploration of this territory? In the spirit of pioneers such as William James and Esalen co-founder Michael Murphy, we believe that a radical empiricism, an honest assessment of the facts as the world presents them to us, and openness to modifying the worldview through which we interpret those facts, provide a powerful path forward.
During this workshop, participants will discover what neuroscience has to say about consciousness, the effects of drugs on the brain and mind, the science and practice of meditation, the contemporary dialogue between science and Buddhism, and the wealth of data regarding the likelihood that our current hypotheses regarding mind as arising solely from brain and body are incomplete in significant ways. Guest participation by Esalen board chairman Jeffrey Kripal and Esalen co-founder Michael Murphy are planned (and subject to change).
This workshop is of interest and value to anyone, including health professionals from all clinical areas who wish to deeply investigate the mind-body connection.
Recommended reading: Presti, Mind Beyond Brain: Buddhism, Science and the Paranormal.
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CE credit for nurses;
CE credit for MFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs and LEPs;


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