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Soul Rising: Ritual of Renewal Weekend of March 30-April 1, 2018

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See and taste the flowing One through your whole being.
Feel the Holy Spirit moving you within the flowing fire of the One.
—Mechthild of Magdeburg
“We find the spring season, with its power of emergence, in the very nature of our own bodies, and also profoundly mirrored in the mythic landscape of Esalen,” says Shiva Rea.
“In this intimate ritual of renewal, we will create an arc of prana vinyasa, meditation, and massage to open to the emergence of new life as we experience Esalen's fertile land as a sacred place to listen, pray, and align with our soul's rising.
During this weekend together, we will explore:
• Regenerative prana vinyasa for kindling the fire and flow of spring
• Meditation and reflection for attuning within the mystic heart
• Ayurvedic spring life-style rituals and self-abhyanga (massage with healing oils)
• Saturday night movement meditation
• Five practices in a progressive ritual emergence
We will emerge from this Easter weekend with spirit and a greater connection to the mystery of transformation within our embodiment and life.
Recommended reading: Rea, Tending the Heart Fire - Living in Rhythm with the Pulse of Life; Harvey, Essential Mystics.


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