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The Heart of the Shaman: The Oracle and the Art of Divination Weekend of March 22-24, 2019

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In the West, many of us grow up internalizing our culture’s “original story” of being cast out of paradise and separated from our divine Creator. This bankrupt story tends to permeate our lives whether we are raised in a religious home or not, causing us a great deal of suffering. In this program, you will study ancient healing practices employed by shamans and come to understand that if we wish to heal our wounds on every level, it’s crucial that we discard this myth and discover that we never left the Garden of Eden.
This workshop will present ways to reconnect with nature through shamanic energy medicine. You will be shown the art of divination — how to summon wisdom and insight from Spirit and the great powers of nature — and discover what the shamans of the Andes call the sacred dream: the revelation of our mission in life and our place in the cosmos.


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