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Yoga and the Psychology of the Chakras Weekend of June 21-23, 2019

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The development of the psyche is a continuous and lifelong process. The psyche witnesses, assimilates, and stores information within psycho-spiritual processing centers called the chakras. The primary stages of development of the psyche and the chakras take place in our formative years. Then, the body-mind creates behaviors, narratives, and characteristics based on the events that shape us during these years. On this summer solstice weekend, we will journey into the deep chambers of the Self to illuminate the shadows, identify patterns, and expose the ways our full potential is being limited. Through uncovering and rewriting old stories, we can transform and seek empowerment from past wounds, trauma, and grief. These outdated narratives have served a purpose and are most likely still very much in use. Updating the manner in which we process and perceive the world gives us the power to manifest the reality of our choice. Using yogic philosophy as well as Western psychology, we will examine each of the chakras and their correlating stages and ages of development, as well as the typical behavioral characteristics that are adopted at each stage. Through the power of storytelling, yoga asana, meditation, and breathing techniques, we will expose and process psycho-spiritual imbalances that have been limiting us. Please bring a yoga mat.


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