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Essential Buddhist Teachings on Awakening: The Path of Theravada Insight Meditation Weekend of January 11-13, 2019

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A disciplined mind brings happiness. — The Buddha

The teachings of the Buddha (dharma) and the practices of Insight Meditation (vipassana) and Loving-Kindness (metta) are at the heart of early Buddhist teachings. They are vehicles for awareness, wisdom, and compassion. Practicing Insight Meditation develops mindfulness and clarity into the conditions that limit and liberate our experience of life. And by cultivating loving-kindness, we meet the challenges of life with a wise compassion for ourselves and others.

Through the combination of mindfulness meditation, wisdom teachings, silence, and inquiry and through systematic instructions on the four foundations of mindfulness, we will explore how to live with wisdom and care. Talks will highlight the core teachings of the Buddha and their practical application to our lives. This is an excellent retreat for those wishing to refresh their meditation practice and deepen their understanding of Buddhist teachings in the supportive company of others. Special guest Rolf Gates will offer yoga movement as an experiential learning process to practice the principles of yoga and experience how mindful movement can help support awakening.

This workshop is part of Esalen’s property-wide Essential Buddhist Teachings on Awakening silent retreat. On Saturday evening, the group will come together with the other Buddhist workshops in order to discuss and explore the differing and complementary perspectives of Buddhist teachings from different traditions.

Note: Outside of class sessions, the community will remain in social silence in order to allow a deepening relationship to self, to one another, and to nature.


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