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Calling in “The One”: Transforming Your Love Identity Core Beliefs Weekend of February 9-11, 2018

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Many of us are challenged when trying to find a loving, happy, healthy, and long-term relationship because it would literally be outside our identity to be loved, supported, nourished, safe, and valued by a person we love and respect. To “call in” a great love, and sustain happy, healthy love over time, we must identify and release our old limiting beliefs, and claim the deeper truth of our value and our worthiness to receive the love we are looking for.
In this workshop, you’ll explore the following topics:
• Identify your limiting core beliefs about your worthiness to love and be loved, and awaken your power to create the relationship of your dreams
• Learn a liberating five-step process that can empower you to graduate forever from old disappointing patterns in love
• Find out what it means to love yourself before you can love another
• Discover how to create a life that mirrors your true value back to you each day


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