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Integrated Awareness®: Ask Anything and Your Body Will Answer Weekend of December 8-10, 2017

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Elegantly designed and profoundly attuned, your body can be a primary source of guidance, alignment with life purpose, and support for a state of health. Integrated Awareness (IA) is a way of exploring how we create and interpret our experience of ourselves and the world. It’s a way of locating the source of limiting beliefs and behaviors to broaden choice and possibility in our lives now. It’s an approach to growth and healing that allows for lost and hidden parts of ourselves to come forward and become whole. IA includes many perspectives and perceptions, including time of forgotten trauma, emotional stress in childhood, extensive brain and body mapping, and more. IA can help you rediscover your capacity for present-time sensory perception—something that was our natural state as infants.
This weekend we will explore and discover clear perspectives on the choices and challenges current in our lives. Using movement and other exercises, group discussion and q&a sessions, and exploration of new behavioral choices, we can dissolve obstacles and invite more choice, ease, and abundance into our present time.
Recommended reading: Gresham and Nichols, Ask Anything and Your Body will Answer and The Body’s Map of Consciousness.
CE credit for massage; see leader.


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