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Esalen® Massage for Couples, Friends or Family Members Weekend of December 8-10, 2017

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This workshop is designed for loving partners who wish to bring the nurturing practice of massage into their daily lives and spend a special weekend together cradled in the beauty and intensity of the Big Sur coast. It is also for couples who want to deepen already existing skills and for those who want to create more time in their lives for healing and intimacy. This weekend intensive will focus on teaching couples to give and receive a pleasurable full-body massage. It will also address issues such as keeping love, touch, and a healing interchange alive at home during busy or stressful times, touching with care and sensitivity, asking for what you need, and reciprocity so that both partners feel nurtured and loved. Sessions will include both demonstrations and hands-on instruction with plenty of practice time.
Although our emphasis will be on loving touch and communication between couples, the massage techniques presented are useful for relaxation, pain, and stress, and can often increase vital energy. The techniques may also be used with sensitivity with children as well as friends and family, providing a useful tool for health and well-being. The workshop is designed for couples of all gender and sexual orientations. It is also useful for those in the helping and healing professions in working with their clients and patients.
CE credit for massage;


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