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Cha Dao, The Way of Tea: A Daily Practice of Mindfulness Weekend of December 7-9, 2018

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As the leaves of this tree are,
I too am made of the water, the sky, sun and stars;
I share this essence with all the Ten-thousand Things.
And in so doing, empty myself and my cup.
As tea, I am now free to transcend the moment,
Finding heaven in a leaf.
— Wu De
For more than a decade, Wu De (born Aaron Fisher) has taught the ancient practice of tea ceremony from a Zen and tea center in Taiwan known as Tea Sage Hut. Now for the first time, he’s bringing The Way of Tea to Esalen. When we drink tea in a sacred ceremonial space, we can feel that we are a part of the nature that gave us the tea, while it streams into us and becomes our body, mind, and soul. Together, we’ll delve into the ancient tradition of Cha Dao uniting awareness and tea medicine and discover how tea can teach us mindfulness in our daily lives.
Each day will begin with a morning guided mediation and then a shared tea ceremony. Throughout the day, in discussions and group practices, Wu De will explore tea as a great connector that brings calm joy and presence, while also providing guidance for participants about how to start their own personal bowl tea practice. During the course of the weekend, the group will experience the three different ways of bowl tea brewing while sharing unique and ancient living teas.
Recommended reading: Aaron Fisher (Wu De), The Way of Tea, Tea Medicine, and Zen and Tea One Flavor.


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