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Relaxed and Awake: Mindfulness Meditation and Feldenkrais® Movement Weekend of December 1-3, 2017

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By changing our habits of movement, we relax and awaken the body; by changing our habits of thinking, we awaken and relax the mind. We can then join in the dance of existence with freedom and ease. This workshop combines the traditional practice of Buddhist mindfulness meditation with sessions of Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® lessons, the brilliant sensory-motor approach to reeducating the nervous system and developing self-awareness. Periods of meditation will alternate with guided Feldenkrais movement lessons, allowing the practices to support each other and create a sense of mind-body connection, vitality, and well-being. The workshop will provide ample time for discussion and interviews, as well as attention to individual challenges. There will also be talks, poetry, and good humor. Wes Nisker has practiced Buddhist meditation for more than thirty-five years in Asia and the West. Dan Clurman brings more than ten years of Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement teaching experience. The workshop is appropriate for both experienced and beginning students of either mindfulness meditation or The Feldenkrais Method®.
Recommended reading: Nisker, Buddha’s Nature and Essential Crazy Wisdom.


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