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Yoga Practice: Refining and Magnifying Body, Mind and Spirit Weekend of August 30-September 1, 2019

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One of the fundamental tenets of yoga philosophy is that every human being is, at the core, an expression of divine light and love. The yogis refer to this as the Supreme Self or Inner Self. Many of us glimpse this from time to time, yet a primary focus of our journey is to honestly address the physical, mental and emotional heaviness which covers up our inner luminosity. This is a necessary paradigm shift as we move into a fuller expression of our true nature.

Yoga practice is a double-edged sword that requires both effort and surrender. Effort is necessary as we purify, refine and integrate body, mind, emotion and spirit. Surrender is critical in the face of alchemical transformation; letting go leads us into the restoration and edification of our true nature: divine light. These principles unfold in the yoga room as we place our bodies into postures (asanas), focus our awareness on breath (pranayama) and enter the sanctuary of the heart (meditation or dyana).

Everyone is welcome. Please have a minimum of three months of recent yoga experience, and bring a yoga mat.


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