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Pathways to Intimacy Weekend of August 18-20, 2017

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What if you could create more love and deeper and more connected relationships in your life? Pathways to Intimacy offers a lively combination of carefully crafted exercises designed to provide powerful tools for clear communication, and move you to a deeper understanding of intimacy. In a caring, supportive, and confidential environment, you will have full choice as you learn how to be more open, close, and safe with others, including family, friends, significant others, and co-workers. You will have the opportunity to go beyond your barriers to love. During this weekend you can:
• Discover the power in opening up to others and sharing yourself
• Be more in touch with your feelings
• Learn new perspectives on asking for what you want
• Learn powerful tools of communication
• Let go of judgments and fears
• Examine and shed limiting notions of love and intimacy
• Practice saying no and yes, and clearly setting your own boundaries
• Increase clarity, honesty, and trust in relationships
• Increase self-esteem
Regardless of your age (participants eighteen and above are welcome), experience, or sexual orientation—whether you are single or in a committed relationship—come and directly experience your real beauty, your real power, your love for yourself, and the love others have for you. Pathways to Intimacy is a powerful workshop created by The Human Awareness Institute ( See what’s possible in just a weekend!


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