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The Extraordinary Couples Workshop Weekend of August 11-13, 2017

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Do you remember the magic of the beginning of your relationship, when just seeing your partner got your adrenaline running? Perhaps you met only weeks ago, or maybe years ago, and the electricity is still there. Is it possible that the “juice” can feel even more intense?
Presented by the Human Awareness Institute, The Extraordinary Couples Workshop is designed exclusively for couples, and focuses specifically on couples’ issues. This workshop is very interactive and experiential, and focuses on you and your partner, with the goal of deepening and embodying love—between partners and within the self. You will spend most of your time together, some time alone, and time working in small groups and the full group. It is open to adults of any sexual orientation or gender identification.
The Couples Workshop creates a safe environment in which to explore your relationship and take a fresh look at parts of it, regardless of what state your relationship is currently in. Participants may be couples who are at the beginning of their relationship or who have been together for many years; couples who are already happy and loving; or couples who are fighting or upset.
Couples whose relationships were faltering or stalled (or just needed a boost, or were doing great already) have come away more deeply in love than they had ever been. For more information about the Human Awareness Institute, visit


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