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Lotus Borne Perception: Awareness Teachings of Tibetan Buddhism and Continuum Week of September 6-13, 2019

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In this retreat, Lama Drimed and Susan Harper open a multi-dimensional inquiry into our spiritual, somatic and creative human capacity. Recognizing our natural state of awareness as a foundation, we will explore a dynamic range that includes meditative stillness, fresh perceiving, and movement and sounding, which opens a vital flow of creativity.

Lama Drimed offers awareness teachings from the Dzogchen tradition. Our natural state is recognized to be all-inclusive awareness. We awaken to the fresh perception of this moment — the natural aliveness that is our birthright. This is the essence of the ancient tantric ways that celebrate the unfolding of our life as sacred.

Susan Harper offers explorations from Continuum, a unique sound and movement practice, in which we inquire into our capacity to innovate and participate with the essential movement processes of life. The dynamics of how we perceive and relate are simultaneously physical and psycho-emotional. They offer perceptual practices to open ways that we pay attention, listen and speak about our experience.

Lama Drimed and Susan share an innovative teaching style, and are open and attentive to each participant’s process of discovery, and to the group process.

Many of our explorations will take place outside in nature, where we explore the elemental affinity between our bodies and the living lineage of our breathing planetary body.


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