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Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Leader Certification Training Week of September 24-29, 2017

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Tai Chi Easy is a practice that combines gentle exercises, breath practices, self-massage, and meditation to help you experience a refreshing, healing boost to body, mind, and spirit. Developed by master teacher Roger Jahnke, Tai Chi Easy enhances energy (qi) to strengthen and cleanse the body and mind. According to Chinese Medicine and philosophy, qi is the vital essence that creates health, well-being, and harmony.
During this workshop, you will be taught tai chi principles including breathing, relaxation, and mindfulness.
The Tai Chi Easy Practice Leader Certification Training is a step-by-step program to support you in creating powerful practice sessions. It is appropriate for all ages and ability levels, and provides a gentle yet powerful practice for you to share in your local community including schools, hospitals, social service agencies, and elsewhere. Throughout the training, you will explore the reasons why the slow, flowing movements of tai chi have so many health-enhancing effects, including increased blood flow, improved cardiovascular fitness, endorphin production in the brain, brain plasticity, better sleep, and improved mood.
($65 DVD and manual fee will be added to the workshop cost)
CE credit for nurses;
CE credit for massage;
CE credit for acupuncturists;


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