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Dharana and Drishti Week of October 8-13, 2017

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“Dharana and drishti are Sanskrit words that indicate a process of development in our ability for a depth of mental focus and concentration,” says Thomas Fortel. “It could be said that asana (physical postures) and pranayama (breath) are a foundation of yoga practice for the gradual healing of the mental, physical, and emotional bodies. Drishti is a yogic gazing technique that develops concentration; gazing outwardly and at the same time, the attention turns deep within. (Another layer of the meaning of drishti is seeing the world as it really is.) Dharana, the 6th limb of yoga, means focus and concentration on a single point, a visualization, mantra, or mental focus. These practices are a gradual process of refinement of the mental body, which develop clarity and the ability for deep concentration.
“In this retreat, we’ll give attention to the practices of dharana and dhrushti as we engage meditation and pranayama in the early morning, active yoga practice mid morning, and a more twist/forward bend and restorative practice in the late afternoon.
Please have a minimum of six months of yoga experience, and bring a yoga mat.


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