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The Bio-Breakthrough Workshop: From Limitation to Liberation Week of October 15-20, 2017

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In this workshop, Isabelle Benarous introduces you to The Bio-Breakthrough, an innovative process based on biological decoding and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. During this weekend, you will be shown how to deprogram limiting subconscious imprints and to liberate yourself from ancestral traumas at a cellular level. The Bio-Breakthrough process alternates between presentations, collective exploration, guided meditation, and exercises that can help you unlock emotional conflicts and free your life path. During this workshop you will be shown how to:
· Understand the direct link between emotional distress and health issues
· Let go of fear and acquire tools to master your health
· Liberate yourself from unwanted ancestral and prenatal influences
· Overcome life challenges by reprogramming limiting subconscious imprints
· Experience the freedom of creating your ultimate life path
This workshop is designed to help you heal at an emotional level in service to the deeper revelation of who you are. Discover how your relationships, life direction, and emotional well-being can be remarkably improved as you uncover the true reasons behind your challenges.


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