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Awakening to the True You: 5 Steps to Radically Transform Your Love Life and Beyond Week of October 15-20, 2017

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“Most of us intuitively know that we cannot create that which we are not truly open to and ready to receive,” says Katherine Woodward Thomas. “To manifest your deepest desires for great happiness in love, fulfillment in life’s true purpose, and the unleashing of your highest creative potential, you’ll need to be internally congruent and aligned with the ‘having’ of that future.”
This workshop can help you:
• Discover the tenacious nature of false beliefs and crack the code on how to dismantle them at their core
• Master the 5-step process that can set you free from old patterns and beliefs, and allow you to show up as your most authentic and empowered self everywhere you go, and with everyone you meet
• Align your consciousness with all you’re committed to creating in ways that will help facilitate your path into your desired future
• Experience others recognizing you as worthy of their love, respect, and devotion, and see your value mirrored back to you
• Become clear about the evolutionary pathway that will graduate you from old disempowering patterns and set you up for a lifetime of happiness in life, love, and livelihood


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