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Heart Refuge and Revival: Meditation, Movement and Flow Week of November 24-29, 2019

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May I be a place of refuge, a sanctuary, shelter in the storm. – Shanti Deva’s daily prayer

Join Shiva Rea for five days of mindfulness, movement, and flow guided by the spirit of gratitude. Journey home to the radiance of your heart fire as we savor every moment and movement in this feast of life. Each day will include three spacious, experiential sessions with Shiva, your compassionate guide in learning how to fully enjoy a daily heart-mind-opening meditation practice both on and off the cushion. Sample an “energetic menu” of meditation formats including seated meditation, breath flow, movement, yoga, Prana Danda, ritual, and wisdom prayers from Buddhist and Tantric traditions.

In our daily morning session, we’ll enjoy relaxing awareness and “nine round breathing” meditation, which balances the energy channels and clears the mind. For the afternoon sessions, experience Prana Flow yoga and Shaiva Tantric moving meditation. For the evening sessions, experience regeneration sessions including relaxation arts, intimate soul council, fire-offering meditation, or hot springs sound bath. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced teacher, together we will create five days of heart-centered mindful practice.

There will be a celebratory Thanksgiving dinner in the Esalen Lodge.


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