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Developing a Reliable Refuge Week of November 18-23, 2018

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We are always taking refuge in something. For most, it is seeking safety and happiness in material things and sensual pleasures. During this holiday of American Thanksgiving week, there is so much pressure to be with family and friends. For some, family has been a refuge. For others, family has been a source of great difficulty. Those of us who have seen the truth that our happiness will never come from outside ourselves begin to seek a reliable internal refuge — a way of practice and lifestyle that supports being wise and compassionate. In Buddhism this is called taking refuge in our own potential for awakening (Buddha), the path that leads to awakening (dharma), and the community that supports us on the path (sangha).
In this workshop, participants will be taught the core teachings of the Buddha's Four Noble Truths. They also will be guided in meditation practices and will have the opportunity to formally commit or recommit to the path of awakening.
There will be a celebratory Thanksgiving dinner in the Esalen Lodge.


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