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The Ecology Within: The Healing Synthesis of Nature and Psyche Week of November 17-22, 2019

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We are expressions of Nature. The dynamics and connections that shape the natural world and guide its evolution are mirrored in our physical, emotional and psychological bodies. For this reason, attunement to external systems can reveal a map for our own healing and growth.

This intimate, immersive journey interweaves the deep ecology of Big Sur and the depth psychology of our hearts and minds to reveal our interconnected place in the world. From this understanding we will blend story, art and inquiry to unearth archetypes and relationships from our internal ecosystems, and identify trailheads of expression for our authentic life offerings. Our five days in community will include:

• Ecological exploration: Connect with nature’s patterns and movements by exploring ecological science and the dynamics that shape our world including diversity, connectivity, disturbance, recovery and succession

• Internal inquiry: Align internal psychology with meditation and inquiry as a way to harmonize divergent parts within a vast, compassionate awareness

• Community connection: Build a culture of belonging with the group through Gestalt dialogue practices, inner systems psychology and mindful communication

• Creative expression: Uncover and express the landscapes of your internal nature through visual art, music and movement

Reconnect with nature, your heart and the vibrant beauty of community. Leave with a greater intimacy with yourselves and others, a deeper understanding of ecology within and without, and practices for attuning your inner ecosystem as it evolves through time.


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