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Beyond Type: Using the Deeper Work of the Enneagram for a More Conscious and Compassionate Life Week of November 12-17, 2017

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Cultures and spiritual traditions since the beginning of civilization have grappled with how to live a human life from a place of spiritual wisdom. How do we integrate the truth of the inner life with the requirements of our outer life? What supports us? The Enneagram and the Fourth Way tradition from which it springs can offer some answers to these questions. This new workshop will be an exploration of the deeper aspects of the Enneagram: the Essential Qualities, the Virtues, and the Holy Ideas. While such topics can be seen as esoteric, rarified, and removed from daily living, we will look at how these aspects of human nature were originally viewed as necessary for a meaningful life and for a functional society. We want to see how our deepest personal transformations actually manifest as a living reality in our ongoing experience, and how each of our normal “ego states” is actually an echo of a deeper striving. Through practice and inquiry, music, and meditations, we will explore our personal frontiers and see what awareness in the present moment can illuminate about our identities and relationships, and new ways for human beings to come together for common purpose.
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