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Creative Catalyst Week of November 10-15, 2019

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When people talk about Black Rock City, the stunning, large-scale visual art is an inevitable part of the conversation. Unlike most galleries or museums, where art is “on display” and attendees admire it at arm’s length, the art of Burning Man is interactive and made to be engaged with. Collaboration, adaptability and collective vision are at the center of all successful Black Rock City art pieces and the groups that make them. The process by which art is made is as important as the final result.

In this immersive art-making experience, you have the opportunity to learn new skills from and get your hands dirty with Dana Albany, an experienced Burning Man artist, with the end goal of making an art piece with your fellow participants. Dana will employ her unique gifts, talents and expertise with your group, allowing for you to fully express your creativity. The piece you and your group make will develop organically, and by the end of the session you’ll have an understanding of how the 10 Principles of Burning Man work together not just in creating art but also in helping human engagement on the scale that continues to cause transformative change at Burning Man and in the world.

($100 material fee will be added to the workshop cost)


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