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Yoga, Creativity and the Hero’s Journey Week of March 3-8, 2019

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At some point in your life, you will be faced with a Call to Adventure. It may not necessarily come when or how you expect, but when your adventure comes calling — if you can resist the temptation to refuse it and if you can make friends with fear and proceed through the challenges — you will get through to the other side and return home with the hard-won jewels of self-understanding and transformation.

Using Carl Jung’s mythic map of the Hero’s Journey in conjunction with mindfulness practices of yoga, music and meditation, come develop invaluable tools to answer the call of your own life adventure with Micheline Berry and Joey Lugassy Ensemble.

Get ready to explore the following activities:

• Daily Liquid Asana™ Vinyasa detox yoga, and somatic dance and mindfulness meditations to strengthen your ability to discern between “the noise” and “the signal,” accompanied by live music
• Daily journaling and creative process exercises culminating in your own personal Hero’s/Heroine’s Journey Art Map
• Comprehensive discussion and breakdown of Carl Jung’s stages of the Hero’s Journey
• Abhyanga hot-oil self-massage and water ritual
• Esalen’s farm-to-table gastronomy and seaside mineral hot springs
• Ridiculous laughter

Open to all levels of yoga, art and meditation. Please bring a yoga mat.

Recommended Reading: Richo, Shadow Dance; Jung, Man and His Symbols; McNiff, Art Heals.


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