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Come explore Esalen's new 28-day residential study offerings. Our next cohort begins March 11.


Open Your Heart, Develop Your Mind, Awaken Your Spirit Week of March 18-23, 2018

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“Life can be complex: relationships, careers, health, finances, personal development, and so on,” say the leaders. “We do our best to navigate life’s ambiguity, but often we settle for staying busy and covering discontent with more busy-ness. Or, we may feel that changing our habits is awkward, complicated, impractical, or ‘I just don’t deserve real happiness.’ For many, we just don’t know where to even start.
“For a few days, leave the excuses behind and examine transformative practices in three specific dimensions of human potential.”
• Spiritual: Experience the simple “pointing out” style of meditation to diminish reactivity and develop trust, and allow yourself to experiment shifting from a “Doing” oriented life to one of “Being”
• Psychological: Explore both negative self-talk and the unconscious mind through potent approaches to cultivating optimum psychological well-being
• Mental: Sample “reality maps” designed to develop mental agility to skillfully and effectively navigate our complex world
Everyone is welcome — from newcomers to experienced practitioners — in this fresh exploration of our shared evolutionary potential and who we really are.


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