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Everyday Life in the Quantum Universe Week of March 18-23, 2018

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“The discovery of the quantum nature of our universe is so major that its profound implications cannot be overstated,” says Dr. Jean Houston, author of more than 30 books on human potential and development. “Quantum theory demands a radical re-visioning of the role of consciousness as the underlying organizing principle of the universe. With this understanding, quantum physics introduces us to ways of seeing that profoundly impact human thinking, feeling, sensing, knowing, and being. In different states of consciousness, we can be brought to subtle levels of mind interacting with the universe itself in what the Buddhists call interdependent co-arising. The self and its own unbounded nature is in some sense identical to quantum mind and therefore has many more capacities than those operating in local consciousness. Working with these concepts — both spiritual and scientific — people can be, do, and create in ways that are suggestive of higher levels of human accomplishment.”

Come explore the life-altering quantum systems that now shed light on new horizons of human consciousness and capacity for growth and transformation. Dr. Houston’s deep knowledge of history, culture, new science, spirituality, and human development combines with the inspiration and humor she brings to all her teaching. In this thrilling five-day adventure, participants can expect to be taught and practice state-of-the-art applications of living daily life in the quantum universe. Activities include lectures, group discussions, powerful experiential exercises, ways of tapping into both local and non-local consciousness, and discovering how cosmic consciousness can give us capacities previously considered more mythic than real. “You’ll have the opportunity to discover that consciousness is the basic reality of the cosmos. Your consciousness is a precious shoot, a green tendril of this enormous field of quantum consciousness.”


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