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Body Learning: Grace, Presence and Power with Alexander Technique and Super-Qi Week of January 6-11, 2019

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The Alexander Technique is a simple, profoundly powerful method for developing grace, poise, and presence on stage and in everyday life. Renowned as the trade secret of world-class performers (it’s part of the curriculum and the Royal Academy of Drama and Music in England and the Juilliard School in the U.S.), the Alexander Technique is often called “the method for keeping your eye on the ball applied to life.” The Super Qi form is a creative synthesis of the most effective movements from qigong, the ancient Chinese system for cultivating life energy and internal power.

Michael Gelb has practiced and taught these arts for more than forty years, and in this hands-on experiential program he’ll show you how the confluence of these modalities can transform your life. The workshop is for everyone who wants more grace, freedom, presence, and power. No prior experience is necessary, and experienced practitioners/teachers of tai chi, aikido, qigong, Feldenkrais, yoga, or the Alexander Technique will discover practical insights that will enrich their teaching and personal practice.

Recommended reading: Gelb, Body Learning: An Introduction to the Alexander Technique, Creativity on Demand, and The Art of Connection.


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