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Healing the Movement Patterns Distorted by Childhood Experience and Adult Trauma: CFR Week 2 Week of January 28-February 4, 2018

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“During this workshop, we will address layers of childhood experience and adult trauma simultaneously with the intention of resolving remaining physical injuries and habitual emotional limitations, while increasing our self-trust and self-compassion,” says Harriet Goslins. “Of equal importance, we’ll have the opportunity to reclaim and deepen our pleasure in moving. We will explore ‘unlearning before relearning’ so that we avoid layering a new compensation on top of an existing habit, which allows the old pattern that remains underneath to block full healing. We will utilize the new discoveries about epigenetics that prove it is not our genes that control our destinies, it is our environment that exerts the most influence on our lives. Whether the cell membrane admits or rejects entry can depend on past emotional perception or present-day stress. By upgrading our ability to sense our present-moment condition, we increase our nervous system’s ability to make different, healthier choices.”
Note: This workshop is for participants who have already completed Harriet Goslins’ CFR workshop.


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