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Growing Bliss Bodies: Sparking Full Aliveness with Body Intelligence, Presence and Play Week of January 14-19, 2018

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Are you willing to experience the pleasure of being fully alive in your body? Are you ready to make the shift from adrenaline- and fear-based living to embodied presence and flow? If so, this seminar invites exploration and practice of the key skills that favor innate joy, befriend your inner life, and nurture your unique aliveness.
Body intelligence is the direct, consciously felt experience of being alive, from the flow of blood and sensation to the many attitudes and mental shifts that inform your experience of being in a body and connected in relationships, work, and the world. If you’re ready to increase the level of energy, joy, clarity, and connection in your life, this highly experiential seminar will help open wide the gates for you to:
• Discover your true body intelligence: how to easily recognize your inner signals for “yes” and “no”
• Increase your capabilities for receiving and acting on the messages from your body
• Navigate the flow of your day with vitality and balance
• Shift easily from stress and fear to creativity and collaboration
• Solve problems in new ways
• Create more fun with work and more pleasure in general
• Expand your capacity for giving and receiving love
• Heal the collective 2000+ year old myth that the body is “bad” and must be controlled
This workshop is particularly useful for healing professionals in their work with patients and clients.
Recommended reading: Hendricks and Hendricks, At the Speed Of Life.


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