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Activist and author Nina Simons teaches on Leading from the Heart beginning March 4.


How to Use Posture to Nurture Strength, Openness and More Week of February 4-9, 2018

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Why are so many of us in pain? Why are we damaged from our normal activities (bending and lifting), exhausted from our most basic positions (sitting and standing), and uncomfortable even in our stillness (sleeping)? And why do some populations in the world enjoy pain-free, relaxed, and potent lives into old age? How can we improve our situation?
In this workshop, you will be taught to use everyday activities to support pain-free Primal Posture. In a small group, using gentle touch, images, and reason, Esther Gokhale will help you realign and restore your spine to its natural shape, restructure the arches of your feet, realign your knees, hips, and shoulders, and elongate your back. Reduce back pain, neck pain, foot problems, and muscle or joint dysfunction. Discover improved appearance and athletic performance, as well as a new level of wellness in your body.
The Gokhale Method is based on historical, anthropological, and medical research on populations who have virtually no musculoskeletal pain. Interwoven intellectual, visual, kinesthetic, and aesthetic cues make the Gokhale Method remarkably efficient and effective. Join Esther Gokhale for this transformative and empowering five-day experience…and expect to grow half an inch taller!
CE credit for nurses;


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