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Surrendered Leadership Circling: Self-Realization Through Relationship Week of February 24-March 1, 2019

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What if every relationship in your life became inspiration for a new paradigm in self-realization? Circling invites us to surrender our personal ideology and ego identity to the larger intelligence of the whole — while simultaneously embracing the fullness of our individual experience, power, and capability. During this workshop, we’ll form a co-created space in which we call everyone to step into their highest "response-abilities" and leadership. At best this becomes a symphony with everyone having their own individual role and being perfectly in sync with each other and the whole. Imagine switching from trying to control our experiences to radically trusting the underlying processes in life. This ability to more directly relate with life — and each other — goes beyond producing more. It transforms who we are. Practicing Circling is likely to reveal a new way of being that radically trusts what happens. This means embracing yourself and others, even in moments of deep uncertainty and in states that are normally subtly shamed. Everything we practice in Circling is intended to enhance the everyday challenges and joys of being human: parenting, friendship, love, earning money, learning, celebrating, dealing with injustice, death, betrayal and heartbreak, navigating politics, and beyond.


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