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The Body Remembers: Healing Trauma and Returning to Ourselves with Esalen® Massage Week of February 18-23, 2018

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“Touch is a universal form of soothing, and it can awaken us to what is real in this moment,” the leaders write. “Familiar, non-sexual touch provokes the release of hormones and returns the body to the beneficial relaxation response. This workshop expands our understanding of healing touch. It offers tools to make touch safe and consensual, and allows for deeper release and present-moment centeredness within the context of a massage or bodywork session.
“The lingering effect of painful, disrespectful, or clinical touch can be to defend oneself, to become numb, shrink away, and freeze. How can we re-establish a loving relationship with our own body and sensation? How can touch restore trust?”
This workshop offers experienced practitioners ways to help in the healing of difficult experiences through skillful and thoughtful touch. The course will address the following topics:
· The power of embodiment - of living in one’s body
· How to create safety through empathetic dialogue
· How to set up the space and the table to create a sense of safety
· The basic elements of Esalen Massage, and how it can release muscle rigidity due to fear-based contraction
Participants will be taught the earmarks of trauma and how to accept and address those fears. The course will include introductory classes in the slow, calming Esalen Massage as an aid to embodiment and practice in safe touch. This workshop would be especially suitable for the experienced bodyworker, caregiver, or healing professional to learn the basic skills of attuned contact.
Recommended reading: Changaris, Touch: the Neurobiology of Health, Healing and Human Connection; Levine, Healing Trauma.
For continuing education syllabus, see
CE credit for nurses;
CE credit for MFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs and LEPs;
CE credit for massage;


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