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Primordial Qigong: Transformative Alchemy from the Original Developer of Tai Chi Week of February 17-22, 2019

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The “Golden Elixir of Longevity and Immortality” is produced within our integrated and coherent body-mind-spirit – also known as our Three Treasures. Every day, in the rarified Esalen atmosphere, we will partake of the Golden Elixir. Primordial Qigong (Wuji Qigong) is known as the mother of tai chi, and was developed by Daoist monk Chang San Feng, the originator of tai chi. It evolved from concepts of Chinese internal alchemy, which originated in Chinese shamanism prior to recorded history. While the traditional foundation of Primordial Qigong is Golden Elixir alchemy, it is an accessible, practical system for cultivating personal transformation today. Mind focus, with easy but deeply mystical gestures, coordinated with simple breath patterns, produce a profound medicine or elixir within. The intent is to open the portal between the current, local self and the original primordial self, an eternal well of peace.
In this qigong immersion you will sense and cultivate your deepest energetic nature. When we enter a portal of personal alchemical transformation, the ordinary becomes extra-ordinary, life direction can shift, healing is potentiated, and transformation is within reach.
Recommended reading: Wilhem and Jung, The Secret of the Golden Flower; Jahnke, The Healer Within and The Healing Promise of Qi.
CE credit for nurses; see leader.
CE credit pending from CAB for acupuncturists (Coruse Category 1);


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