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The Healing Art of Deep Bodywork®: The Psoas, Deep Visceral Work and Healing Knees Week of December 15-20, 2019

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Because demand for practitioners with Deep Bodywork skills is growing, Perry and Johanna Holloman have developed a series of seminars designed to teach massage practitioners this healing art. Each seminar has a specific focus in terms of the physical structures touched and their related functions. An overall emphasis is placed on how to integrate this work into the format of a flowing massage.

This seminar will focus on understanding the structure and function of the knee, the psoas muscle, and the importance of deep, sensitive touch in supporting the overall functioning of the abdominal viscera. Subjects of specific focus will be the role of the thigh and hip muscles in supporting the knee; how to work on the iliotibial band; learning to palpate and release the psoas; and massaging the abdominal viscera slowly and deeply. The role of the psoas in chronic pain of the back and hip will also be discussed.

This workshop is designed as an advanced course of study for those wanting to integrate deep tissue skills into their work. Prerequisite for participation is prior experience as a massage practitioner or the equivalent of 150 hours of massage training.

CE credit for massage;
CE credit for nurses;


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