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Deepening Your Life Experience: Meditation, Raja Yoga and Mindfulness Week of December 10-15, 2017

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The ancient spiritual discipline of meditation, the core of many wisdom traditions, has integrated itself into modern life and become an increasingly familiar word in our vocabulary. Physicians, psychologists, and neuroscientists endorse meditation as a powerful tool for relieving stress, maintaining health, and promoting creativity and vitality.
During this workshop, you will be guided in pre-breakfast morning meditation practices from different wisdom traditions: Raja Yoga, Buddhism (vipassana, Zen, and Tibetan), and practices of Judeo-Christian mysticism that can lead to higher states of consciousness. A late morning yoga practice will give attention to the physical body, and an afternoon session will combine discourse with mindfulness practices. Experience a variety of traditional methods that can help you achieve a peaceful state of being, greater mental clarity, and mindful awareness. If you are a practicing yogi and/or meditator, the retreat can serve to deepen your practice. If you are a new practitioner, it provides a solid base and a time-tested tradition from which to grow. Experience the power and simplicity of yoga and meditation to master your mind, breath, and well-being through simple but profound practices.
Recommended reading: Hébert, The Tenth Door: An Adventure through the Jungle of Enlightenment; Smith, The World's Religions.


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