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Five Animal Qigong: Vitality of the Deer, Power of the Tiger Week of April 7-12, 2019

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Why do more than three million Americans practice qigong, China's ancient healing art? These gentle yet dynamic exercises are meditation in motion and connected to the Taoist quest for longevity, health, and peace. This workshop offers a complete qigong wellness routine based on the Five Animal Frolics, considered the oldest healing exercises in the world, which include the vitality of the deer, the power of the tiger, the balance of the crane, the suppleness of the monkey, and the rooted strength of the bear.
By practicing these ancient postures and movements, we awaken an ancient part of ourselves and the Paleolithic wisdom of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. We find the spirit of the animals within, and, like them, learn how to connect to the healing power of nature. Although practice oriented, this course also includes time for discussion of qigong philosophy and science including stories of Hua Tuo, the second-century doctor of Chinese Medicine who created the Five Animal Frolics, as well as an introduction to exciting research that shows how and why qigong improves health.
No previous experience is required. Beginners and all levels are welcome.
Recommended reading: Cohen, The Way of Qigong and Honoring the Medicine.
CE credit pending from CAB for acupuncturists (Course Category 2);


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