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The Yin and Yang of Ecstasy: Empowering the Feminine, Awakening the Masculine Week of April 29-May 4, 2018

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Life is a flow between the two poles of our nature: yin and yang, and feminine and masculine. “In this program designed especially for Esalen,” say Margot Anand and Jim Benson, “our intention is to increase your personal ‘range’ between those poles, as well as facilitate the ease with which you move from one aspect to the other.
“Our culture rarely offers us experiences of deep, embodied feminine power, nor does it provide for easily accessible experiences of the conscious, awakened masculine. What if we were able to access the wisdom we hold inside about these forces? What if we could learn to cultivate — with depth, love, and integrity — our essential relationship to them? Both men and women can benefit from inviting more of the Divine Feminine into their lives, welcoming this receptive ‘being’ aspect that seeks the ‘pleasure behind the pleasure’ and is joyfully surrendered. Similarly, we will experientially reclaim the clarity and sovereignty of our true masculine nature: presence, power, and a generous heart."
Through dialogue with our Inner Man and Inner Woman, visualizations, role-play, the Yin-Yang game, and other Skydancing Tantra™ practices, Margot and Jim offer a fun yet powerful environment to explore the very best of your masculine and feminine natures.
Note: Participants will be fully clothed during this workshop.


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