The Esalen Inspirational Film Festival kicks off April 28. Limited space still available.


Esalen Inspirational Film Festival Week of April 28-May 3, 2019

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Cinema has the potential to enlighten, inspire, and ignite positive change. Films such as Lion, Moonlight, Hidden Figures, Wings of Life, Wasted, Get Out, The Cove, and Boyhood have the potential to move people to instigate change in own lives as well as the world around us. In its 6th year, The Esalen Inspirational Film Festival (EIFF) will once again feature a stellar lineup of powerful films, panel discussions, and interactive experiences with award-winning filmmakers, thought leaders, producers, and studio executives. Our goal is to enrich and uplift the human spirit, while also exploring social change. This five-day festival is designed to cultivate a supportive and engaged community of industry experts and film enthusiasts. EIFF is open to everyone and will be of particular interest to creatives, content creators, and those with a passion for social justice, environmental issues, spirituality, and personal growth exploration. Themes will include recognizing the presence of positive psychology in film, exploring the landscape of illuminated cinema, and creating and appreciating powerful storytelling.
We invite you to join us for this year’s exciting lineup of thought-provoking film content and activities! Please check the Esalen Inspirational Film Festival Facebook page for updates and more.
Note: Due to the flexible nature of filmmaking and production schedules, the week’s schedule is subject to change.


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