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Summoning the Artist Within: A Radical Exploration of Creativity Week of April 21-26, 2019

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Where does creativity reside? Who is the artist within? 

Amidst the complexity of life, the inner artist is often left behind. Yet the mythic, mysterious, and immensely powerful creative force within every person (yes, every person!) contains innately transformative forces that can heal both our inner and outer worlds. To find new solutions and envision a more expansive world, we must traverse the mystery of the inner landscape and summon the artist within.

Throughout the week, we will use a combination of methods to access this inner landscape (tarot, ritual, collage, writing, gentle movement, and meditation). We will contemplate and discuss select pieces of artwork, imagery, and writing from the vast lineage of artists who have come before us. Supported by the ocean and coastal landscape, we will allow ourselves to absorb the innately creative and healing forces of nature. Through these practices we find our own unique pathway toward a more creative life. This workshop is open to anyone who wants to expand their relationship to creativity, regardless of prior experience in the arts. The only prerequisite is curiosity and the courage to ask the question, Who is the artist within me?


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