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Unshakable Presence: Coming Home to Who You Truly Are Week of April 1-6, 2018

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Imagine being deeply at rest, and held within an unconditional love that offers total support for you to go within, let go, and address the important themes of your life. In the core of every human being lives indestructible purity, love, intelligence, peace, and stillness, unaffected by the difficulties of our histories and the identifications we have formed. Yet commonly we live on the surface of ourselves, busy trying to control life to manifest our desires and keep away our fears. This keeps us seeking fulfillment but disconnected from it. This group will journey through and beyond the habits of mind that typically block access to deeper dimensions of consciousness.
Miranda Macpherson teaches and transmits a unique synthesis of holistic self-inquiry, psychological wisdom, and devotional and meditation practice in a tangible atmosphere of unconditional love. The experiential format includes exercises in pairs, meditations, chanting, open sessions, rich wisdom teachings, and satsang (sacred community). Hers is an integrated and feminine approach to non-dual awakening oriented at facilitating direct spiritual experience, while providing a practical foundation to unwind the patterns that shape our lives. Additionally, Miranda will share her map of awakening, drawn from perennial truths at the heart of the world’s mystical traditions, which encourages more substantial access to presence.
Recommended reading: Holden, Boundless Love.


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