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An Embodied Response to the Challenges and Opportunities of Our Lives through Sensory Awareness Month of October 27-November 24, 2019

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There is so much in our world that we cannot change or control. Yet how we respond to the immediate possibilities and challenges of each moment is completely within our domain of influence, and can change the way we live, allowing more room for joy and wholehearted responsiveness.
This monthlong journey of practicing Sensory Awareness is focused on cultivating trust in our natural capacity through landing in our bodies and in our direct and concrete sensory experience. Our terrain of exploration is the simple activities of daily life. As we become more in tune with how we sit, walk, stand, lie down, eat, work and connect with another person, we also become more aware of the habits and patterns that hinder us.
All of our sessions are based on experiential learning. We cultivate quiet and stillness that allows focused attention on what is happening in each moment. We also explore movement and playfulness, as well as our relationship to breath, to the influence of gravity and energy. We learn how to discern between the energy that is needed to fulfill a task, and the extra effort that creates strain and constriction. We will have group classes, and the daily tasks at Esalen will expand the terrain of discovery as we apply what we learn in the class. There also will be individual sessions to provide more individualized attention to personal insights and growth.
The ability to be present and responsive belongs to all of us. Our sensations are ever-present allies, enduring and solid. They can help us be true to our most authentic selves and respond effectively to the challenges and opportunities of our lives.


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