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The Enneagram: Nine Journeys of Awakening Month of November 19-December 17, 2017

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"This program is a wide-ranging conversation about how the Enneagram and related inner work can be of use in the possibilities and challenges emerging in our time," Russ Hudson says. "Specifically, we will explore new ways of relating to one another based in an ongoing and dynamic awareness of our groundedness in presence and creativity. The first part of the program invites the group to a deep experience and appreciation of the higher aspects of the Enneagram (Essential Qualities, Virtues, and Holy Ideas). We will look at how these aspects of consciousness impact our individual awareness, our relationships, and our sense of purpose in the world. We will also look at how the three Instincts (or subtypes) can be explored directly through body awareness as a way of opening new possibilities in our behaviors. We will see how these instincts are crucial for balance in our lived lives, and create some of the biggest opportunities that we have for integrated development, and for creating successful relationships. The final portion of the program will focus on how the Higher Aspects can manifest in our relationships.
"I want to invite a playful and collaborative exploration – a rich relational field – in which each of us can discover new potentials and possibilities in being present together. While many of us may have already had significant spiritual breakthroughs in our lives, it can be challenging to remain open to non-dual perspectives and emergent awareness when we are engaged in significant relationships – intimate or professional. Yet this is the frontier of consciousness: to learn to live together, to function, and to build and create together while remaining truly awake to our co-creating of emerging reality.
"We will combine experiential exercises, meditation, music, and periods of spontaneous inquiry to deepen our presence and to explore the interface between our ego consciousness and the realms of freedom and vastness that are our True Nature. There will be many opportunities for questions and shared exploration."
Please note: Knowledge of the Enneagram is helpful but not essential; however, participants must be willing and able to go deep into themselves and this profound material.
Recommended reading: (Please read this book prior to the program.) Riso and Hudson, The Wisdom of the Enneagram.


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