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Nonviolent Communication: The Language of Life Month of May 6-June 3, 2018

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This month we’ll rigorously integrate the internationally recognized process called Nonviolent Communication (NVC), which is also known as Compassionate Communication. With certified NVC trainer, Jean Morrison, you are offered the opportunity to strengthen your ability to:
· Honor your authentic self
· Live from a consciousness of compassion, for yourself and with others
· Make peace with conflict, which affects emotional health and well-being
· Replace habits of mind and language that create distress and walls of separation with new habits that create connection, understanding, and healing
· Liberate your thinking and reactions in order to transform the gifts of anger, hurt, and guilt into energy and expressions that serve life
· Clarify and express your emotions and needs, distinct from blame
· Make empowering requests distinct from demands and expectations
· Apply NVC principles and skills to your goals and aspirations
The sessions include a balance of playful exploration, thoughtful inquiry, powerful exercises for skill-development, and sharing of best practices with participants’ real situations. Each participant will receive a 30-page binder and booklet. Journal pages are included in the binder with simple tracking of key events of the day and short processes to connect with the content of the course. For more information about Jean and NVC, please visit


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