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Beyond the “Revolving Door”: Gestalt Relational Constellations Month of May 12-June 9, 2019

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In certain parts of our lives, we move forward with strength and relative ease, adding new learning and new capacity to familiar areas of comfort and confidence. And then we have other areas where we may navigate with greater difficulty and challenge — or sometimes not at all. Strong areas and flat sides alike may be in public or private areas, in work or relationships, in goals accomplished or hopes and dreams deferred — or even longings just avoided altogether, to avoid disappointment.

Why do our patterns of living have this tendency to get stuck, and what can we do about it? Gestalt Relational Constellations (GRC) offers a new methodology for taking a fresh look at our strengths and our challenges, and a whole new approach to doing something about it. Using the whole group in service to each person and their particular issues in turn, we find answers to old riddles in our psyches and lives, and support for new moves and new strength in some long-stuck areas of living.

Join us for a month of intimacy, adventure, and deep learning, through laughter and tears, new connections, and new possibilities in living. GRC grows out of the pioneering work of Bert Hellinger and his followers, with the addition of a deep Gestalt commitment to embodied experience and support. GRC may be used to explore underlying dynamics of any issue — family of origin, current family system, interpersonal or work issues, or even such “internal systems” as important decisions or crossroads in our lives. This is an experiential program with no previous experience in constellation work necessary.

Recommended reading: Hausner, Even if it Costs Me My Life.

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