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Legacy Group - Radical Presence: Tibetan Mind-Body Practices for Health and Well-being Month of March 11-April 8, 2018

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Well-being in the Tibetan tradition is a holistic sense of wellness that
encompasses body, energy, and mind. During this month, participants will have the opportunity to learn and practice meditative techniques using the healing power of the breath-energy (qi or lung in Tibetan), as a link and support for a healthy body and a more aware state of mind. In addition, some of the current research in this area will be presented and discussed.
“Tibetan yogis, monks, and nuns are human like you and me,” Alejandro Chaoul says. “They have feelings and emotions, and obstacles in their lives like all of us. That is why the practices they have created as a way to remove obstacles from their body, energy and mind are suitable for us too.”
These tools remained secret recipes for centuries, and only in the last couple of decades have started to be known in the West, being researched scientifically and practiced now by thousands of people. Those who practice them can discover or tap into a radical sense of presence, an aliveness in the midst of chaos, like a lotus flower coming out of the mud, or the sun illuminating everything without bias.
This program will encourage participants to make this meditative routine a part of a healthy lifestyle to allow them to clear the “poisons” of one's afflicted emotions, and become more familiar with the healing support of the breath and be radically aware of one’s inner home. Please bring a journal.


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