Discover a pathway to joy. The Art and Science of Mindfulness, Compassion and Awe starts August 11.


The Flourishing Lab Month of July 7-August 4, 2019

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How do we flourish as human beings? What can we learn from ancient wisdom about living a meaningful and fulfilling life? In a tech-everywhere world, when faced with more options and more distractions than ever before, how do we best use our time, energy and attention? Inspired by the innovative teachings and methods within Stanford University's Wellness Education curriculum, join four of the program’s lecturers in exploring the latest research, frameworks and experiential tools that enhance emotional, psychological, social and contemplative well-being.

This program will be taught by rotating faculty each week:

• Week 1: Human Flourishing (+ initial assessments) with Aneel. What is human flourishing and how do we practice it in an age of hyper-complexity and ever-accelerating pace? You will engage with these two questions by studying, discussing and applying research on the psychological, emotional and social factors that promote a life well lived.

• Week 2: Neuroscience, Technology and Meditation with Ahmed. The group will investigate the power of meditation for training the mind and changing the brain, specifically in focusing attention, enhancing awareness and generating compassion.

• Week 3: Designing Well-being with Mikey. You will design processes and principles that support well-being and human connection. Work in interdisciplinary project teams and design a modern tool or product that supports human flourishing.

• Week 4: Contemplative Well-being with Dustin. At the heart of human flourishing is our potential to move beyond our usual sense of self. You will explore your own awareness through body-based, heart-centered and analytical meditation practices. Through deep exploration of contemplative well-being, participants will have the opportunity to take their meditation practice beyond mindfulness and into the core of human flourishing.

Core members of the teaching team are also trained in Ken Wilber’s integral theory, transpersonal theory and clinical psychology. Throughout our time together, you will be offered a comprehensive framework that will allow you to synthesize ancient and modern wisdom in a way that has a tangible and immediate impact on your life.


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